Social Video Marketing

Video marketing is here and it is a force to be reckoned with. YouTube is now the largest search engine on the web and more than 90% of Internet users prefer watching a video to reading an article.

It is no secret that visual marketing can be an extremely powerful force in creating brand awareness and reaching a larger demographic than traditional search. So, how can your business use video and what kind of video is best for your business?

Videos are incredibly powerful mainly because they allow companies to control their brand image. Companies can gain back some of the power with Visual Marketing, this also means that anything you create must be crafted with care. Video has bridged the gap between consumer and company online by giving back face to face time.

There are several different types of videos and each company will have to meet their own customer’s needs. Company videos are good for every business there are also customer reviews, instructional videos, 3d product videos, how to videos, series of videos, etc.

Here are some tips for creating effective Videos for Social Media Marketing:

Create custom landing pages on your site that you can embed your video in. This can help increase your time on site metrics as well as help decrease page abandonment rates.

Use YouTube: YouTube should be your main focus and creating an account is simple and it is free. There is a lot of ways to optimize your videos so be sure to tag, annotate, and title your videos correctly. Your YouTube channel should also be customized to your brand and you should actively engage with other channels and encourage comments. Put your link on your channel page and in the video description field this will also give your main site an incoming link.

Propogate: Don’t limit yourself just to YouTube, check out Metacafe, Yahoo Video, Viddler, Tumblr, the list goes on. They all offer their own unique ways to engage your fans.